Monday, 13 September 2010

The Wanted- The Return of the Boyband

Oh its a hard life us journalists lead...I had the sweet pleasure of hanging out with the prettiest boys in pop, The Wanted recently. Not only did I discover that, yes they are so yummy looking, that observing them for too long makes your teeth ache-they are also very, very naughty.
Its safe to say that besides JLS the UK has been lacking on the bonefide fresh boyband front (I love Take That but they're less boy more man). Now that The Wanted are on the scene that hole has been filled, tweeners- and ladies whom are old enough to know better *ahem*- can scream with wild abandon at a bunch of cute boys with vocal ability once more!

I met the boys whilst they were filming a show with Katy Brand and never before have I heard the words, threesomes, semi and the phrase "what are you doing after this" within the first 60 seconds of meeting a group of fella's.
I quizzed the boys on their late night antics. Their frequent visits to London hotspots like Movida and Mahiki rival fellow boyband liggers JLS! "Yeah we party a lot" confessed Max (the sexy one with the shaved head) "But all we've wanted to do since our number one is celebrate, and we don't intend on stopping just yet!" So rest assured these boys will be partying hard for some time to come.

Riding high on the success of their single All Time Low the boys aim to storm the charts again with the track Heart Vacancy(check out the vids below). Having heard the guys sing (yes they sang to me accapella and I briefly passed out from the effects of the eargasm) they deserve to hit the top of the charts and ride 'em with longevity! Long live The Wanted- long live the return of the boyband!

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