Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Baby Mama Drama

*Cough, splutter, sneeze* I bring you this blog post live from my sick bed. Feel sorry for me, I've had the flu for ages. Anywho, whilst flu riddled I've been indulging in my latest habit- Teen Mom! This MTV US show follows the lives of 4 little ladies who popped out sprogs when they should have been planning proms and picking out what Colleges to go to. My favourite teen mom is Amber Portwood. She's a fiery loose cannon, who is bringing up her daughter Leah beautifully *cough* and has an on/ off, somewhat volatile relationship with her baby daddy Gary. But nothing prepared me for the shocker in the latest ep I watched. Amber sucker punched Gary, slapped him upside the head and then throttled him- Oh-er. She was promptly arrested and charged for assault and battery. Miss Portwood claimed that MTV incited her Rocky Balboa behaviour. I wouldn't be surprised if a caffeine amped producer whispered in her shell "Amber if Gary pisses you off let him have it!" "Are you sho'?" Amber would've replied in her Southern tones. Said producer would flash her contract with its 6 figure salary (yeep these teen moms get paid a heap), and Miss P would've had her pimp hand geared up quicker than you could say "I'm Rick James bitch." Sad times. Amber's out of the pen now. And I only hope these fat cat producers make sure that she gets some decent rehabilitation before she ends up losing little Leah to the social system because she's seen as to aggressive and a potential risk to her daughter.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Dans the MAN!!

So as a journo I often decamp to gigs, premiere's and award shows to interview singers, rappers, actors and celebs. And it never fazes me. I sat across from Trey Songz whilst he's been biting his lip, The Wanted called me sexy, I've been the judge for a male modelling comp, holed up in a small room with them whilst they paraded about in their boxers and six packs. I won't go on but you get my drift, whenever man candy is around me I am absolutely unfazed. But I must confess meeting Danny O'Donoghue from The Script last night rocked my world. I was covering the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball and had just finished chatting to Cee Lo (who is super cool) when the boys from the hottest Irish band du jour walked out. I felt like a deer in the headlights/ a moth to the flame/ rooted to the spot and a million other contradictory corny old sayings when I saw him. I can't remember what I said to him or his answers but I do remember his eye's piercing through me and burning his name across my soul. Hubba hubba, Danny is ridiculously hot and he's got that special type of sexitude that you can't put your finger on. I am crushing on him to the nth degree. Enough said.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mallie- Unsigned HYPE

Ahhh, I do love a new bit of talent in my boudoir. Enter MALLiE a fab artist I stumbled across on Myspace. She has an incredibly raw, passionate vocal style- liken her to an Adele if you please. This little women with a big voice ain't no poptart by numbers. She's a sassy 21yr old with South African roots, a deliciously leftfield fashion sense, "I don't care" blonde hair and an edge that makes Ke$ha look wholesome! MALLiE's style is soulful rock/reggae with a sweet twist of pop. Her vocals trip like magic over strong beats, ballads and twinkly piano solo's (she plays the ivories herself). The UK music scene is wide open at the moment so its any one's game, the Boudoir hearts MALLiE a lot and fingers crossed she'll become a major player in 2011!

Check out MALLiE's song The Game on her myspace page

Top Model of Colour crowns its winners for 2010

Top Model of Colour (TMC) is a modelling competition with a difference. It’s been going strong for 5 years and takes competitors from black, mixed, Hispanic and other ethnic minorities who are typically under represented in the modelling world. One male and one female winner is chosen from a honed, toned and stunning mix of finalist’s who have been whittled down from hundreds of applicants. With the backing of the TMC corporation the winners are guided towards supermodel greatness within the UK and Worldwide (former winners have had shoots and catwalk opportunities as far reaching as Gambia and New York). I headed down to the finals this weekend to get in on some front row action as a judge om the night for the men’s category.

The chiseled and lithe contestants were put through their paces in swim, casual and eveningwear categories whilst their catwalk potential and future supermodel credentials were scrutinised by a judging panel that made Simon Cowell look friendly (not me though, I was nice as pie honest!!)

Jason Best and Nana Afua Antwi were named as the male and female winners.
With stunning looks and bodies that place them on par with any budding supermodels out there the sky is the limit for these two.

Jason Best- Winner of the Men's Category

Nana Afua Antwi- Winner of the Women's Category

I salute this enterprise soldier style. TMC strives to get diversity recognised within the modelling world and alongside other initiatives like the Black Vogue Issue, its making great strides in getting the fashion world to stand up and notice the beauty within all races.

For more information on TMC visit

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kanye West ft. Jay-Z & La Roux - That's My Bitch - Single - NEW!

Check out this stylish collabo between Kanye West, Jay Z and our very own Brit Miss going in for the kill Elly Jackson (of La Roux fame). Hmmmm, lesbians, bitches, n****'s and dicks worth money are a few of the subject matters. Disrespectful or some clever word play- you decide! Personally I can't stop nodding my head to the beat produced by the genius Q Tip from A Tribe Called Quest

Friday, 19 November 2010

Fearne Cotton Talks About Her New Beauty Range

We've fallen in a deep kinda love with Fearne Cotton over the years. Whether she is rocking rock chick or channelling lady like chic- the presenter and radio DJ does style with aplomb. She inspires women to be daring, isn't afraid of wearing scary trends (knee high socks with brogues anyone) and always has gorgeous make up to boot. Any stylista worth her salt knows that you've gotta have make up that makes a subtle statement to top off your look and that's one thing foxy Fearne has down to a T! And now she's sharing a little knowledge with all of us willing supplicants...she's released a beauty range **screams!** The line is called Fearne (simple, genius) and consists of different nail polishes, lip sets and eyeshadows that come in a range of colour palette kits from nude hues to vampy reds for full on impact.

I got an exclusive interview with the lady herself and over cupcakes, tea and peonies we talked about her new make-up which will be available exclusively at Boots!

What inspired you to bring out your own make-up line?
I'm a proper make up junkie and have always dreamed of having my own range! I've had to learn over the years how to do my own make-up. Sometimes you end up doing it yourself on TV shows! I've picked up tips from some great make-up artists. I decided to use that knowledge and also to incorporate things that I know and love when it came to picking the colours and the texture of things- that bit was really fun! Packaging wise I'm really into art and fashion so I decided to extend those passions into the pakaging. I made loads of mood boards and went from there. Its all really vintage inspired, cos I love vintage clothes. There's the odd subliminal skull in there too...

The packaging is very you, its tough but girly!
Exactly, its definitely representing me. I have a lot of tattoo's- four leaf clovers, mermaids and hummingbirds- and they were all incorporated into the packaging design. AndI love shoes so there are a couple of those in there too! I wanted the packaging to have a tough edge but not so tough it would scare girls off!

What kind of girl do you see wearing your products?
It'll hopefully be a mixture. I spoke to a lot of my friends who are all different personalities and different skin tones, I wanted products that would suit different types of girl. So I went for versatile products. For example, the lips kit (All About The Lips) either comes in nude, pink, red or twilight and all of the kits have a gloss, lipstick and a liner- so you get to go for whichever palette best suits you and you won't get stuck with a ton of colours that don't work for you!

Did you do that with other products to?
Definitely- with the nail colours you have the night set which is gothy or the day set which is pastel and glittery.

You said you sounded off with your friends on the products, that was a great idea!
Yeah it really helped me think about what other women might want. That helped me come up with the concept of making everything handbag friendly! Some of the range comes in nice little compact packages which you can just pop into your handbag! I mean I don't know about you but there is always crap everywhere in my bag so its nice to now my make up will all be in one place and not junked up in there with everything else!

What would be your top tip for taking make up from day to night?
In the day, especially when I'm working, I'll have really light make up and maybe just a splash of colour around my eyes- like I have today with a glitter pen- my range has great glitter sticks! In the evening I love wacking on a red lipstick. So I would go for the All About The Lips red lipstick set. There's something about red lipstick that makes you feel good if you've had a bit of a crap day!

Absolutely, red definitely makes a girl feel glam! We're coming up to autumn- what are your key make-up colours for next season?
Definitely strong colours to warm you up. So reds, deep pinks and purples. A smokey eye is always good especially for the festive season! And my new line has got all of these products, plus summery colours, so its perfect for taking you from one season to the next!

What's the best piece of beauty advice you've ever been given?
Stay out of the sun kids! It does you absolutely no favours to lay out and get fried by ultraviolet rays. Definitely ages you!

Agreed! And I'm loving your look today (Fearne is rocking a white, floral frock and a skull motif scarf) Can you describe your style to us?
My style? I guess its vintage/ tomboy. I love rooting around in vintage shops to score one off finds and I am very into being boyish with my style, incorporating flats and men's style boots into my day wear.

Does your mood affect how you dress?
I'm really mood dependent when it comes to what I wear. Like today I've got this little girly dress on but tomorrow I might wear a fedora, skinny jeans and a pair of biker boots.

What advice would you give to someone trying to find their style mojo?
Don't force looks or copy other people. Find out what suits you! Its great to try things and look terrible sometimes because that's brave and you'll figure out what suits you and what doesn't!

Fearne's make-up range is on shelves in Boots NOW! Prices start from £10

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fashion Forward for 2011

The Key Trends- Get fashion forward with the juice on the key looks for spring/ summer 2011

It might be dark when you leave the house to go to work and dark when you get back home, but smile for you can use these dreary times to plan next years on fashionista's

70s Disco Sexy- Topshop Unique and Maria Grachvogel had long flowing dresses and skirts with splashes of bold colours in their S/S 11 collections(think blue and orange hues) . Also get your hands on a pair of bell bottom style trousers a la Matthew Williamson.

Country and Western/ Fringing - At this Septembers LFW the Ashish show had the audience stomping their feet because the designs were so hot. It was all about dressing like a modern cowgirl from the wild west! And there was a whole lotta fringing going on with tassels galore, fringing was also seen at Topshop Unique. Think Jessie from Toy Story!

Feminine Chic - Vivienne Westwood and Holly Fulton are bringing us girly glamour in the guise of the dress for next season, with floral prints and 60’s flair. Wanna be in bloom next spring? Then incorporate a little flower power into your style or rock a structured, block colour shift dress

Oh and get your leathers out because Burberry Prorsum (who always set the bar for outerwear) were giving us biker jackets, leather trousers , leather coats and big ol’ leather belts.

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude

Jessie J is officially the baddest chick repping girl power on the music scene. Hold onto your crotches boys...this lady is gonna kick you where it hurts!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Our London Fashion Week Wrap S/ S 2011

I barely had a second to stand still this LFW. I’m talking up and out of the house by 8am, spare dresses in my bag, changing after the shows for the after parties getting in at 4am and doing it all over again. For 5 days, all day long I was running the fashion gauntlet (literally- there were shows all over London!)
It was fun but damn being a lover of fashion isn’t easy. I felt like I needed a bit of group therapy after the experience, so I thought I’d share the highlights of my hardships with all of you lovely readers!

When the first day rolled around (Friday 17th of September) I praised the fashion gods that it was a sunny day (hallelujah…can I get an amen?) because I was able to slip into something that wouldn’t require me to rock knitwear resembling something belonging to an Eskimo (well London is cold at the best of times). So I set off to Somerset House(the mothership for LFW) in a very nice halterneck jumpsuit and as soon as I got there- pap! Photographers wanted to capture my look for the “what they were wearing this fashion week” columns! Yay for me!

The first show I hit was Maria Grachvogel a designer so exalted that she is rocked on the red carpet frequently by A-lister’s such as Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie. Her vibe was sexy cool 70’s, lots of long floaty gowns, bright oranges and blues (think posh tie dye)

I stepped outside of the show with some notes on what to wear next season when I bumped into Uber cool designer Bolshie and her BFF. This 19 yr old designer is so edgy that she wears knickers with spikes and decapitated Barbie dolls around her neck. The bold and brave need only apply if they wanna get with her design aesthetic. (Sabrina Washington has been fearless enough to wear Bolshies label).
Bolshie and BFF

I also saw Henry Holland outside with his new muse doing some promotional pics. He was not to happy when he was asked to pose with some furry dice- seriously though asking the King of cool Brittania to hold furry dice is like asking the Queen to cut the ribbon at a supermarket opening ceremony (it ain’t gonna happen).

I hit a couple more shows schlepping from Somerset House to Bloomsbury House and the Freemasons where some On/ Off and Vauxhall Fashion Scouts shows were happening, giving me the chance to to see the rising superstars in the design world and allowing me to sample the edgier outthere designs a la Bolshie.

I managed to catch the Bora Aksu- where the models were dressed like sexy shiny beatles- lots of metallinc plates on the clothes and woollen ants in their hair.

Creepy crawly styles!

Next up was Ashley Isham where the style was all diva glam and red carpet ready. You got a sense of this from the ladies who strolled in at the last minute and took the best seats at the show. It was only Paloma Faith and Shingaii, lead singer from the Noisette’s! Shingaii looked fabulous in leather shorts (this girl has the most perfect bopoty I have ever seen) and Paloma looked quirky as ever rocking a gold plated, metal headdress.

To round up my shows for the day I went the A La Mode show where 7 emerging designers got models to strut their stuff and showcase the blood sweat and tears shed over a sewing machine. The event was put together by LGN Events and featured Amato Couture who has dressed the Swedish Supermodel Heidi Klum and Mr Lipop Project Catwalk alumni.

By the time I’d left A la Mode I though I was done for the night but I somehow found myself examining the insides of a London Cab en route to a private do in the West in but sssh it’s a secret- so I’ll say no more (they wouldn’t even let me take pictures!)

Despite rolling in around 4ish (am) I had to be at the Bernard Chandran show for 9am!!! By the time I got to the venue(The Old Sorting Office in W1) the show had started and they had blacked out the reception so I had to fumble my way to the catwalk area by blackberry light (it didn’t help I fell over, losing my dignity and an earring). But Bernard’s show was worth the grazed knee. On reflection it was the highlight of my whole fashion week experience. His clothes were very much the kind of thing you would imagine a very sexy cool, young royal to pack for a month long holiday in the Carribbean to ensure she is looking like a bone fide babe from sunrise to sundown. Then I headed down to the lovely Patisserie Valerie in …..which became my saving grace this fashion week. Don’t believe the hype. Girls who like fashion do not all hate food. I was cramming down coffee cream cake faster than you can say size zero!

Anywho it was time for another show “Where The Wild Roses Grow”. Tha fashion was very dreamlike girly, romantic and soft (as the name would suggest) and everybody’s favourite Rose popped up. Yep Amber- Rose Kanye’s ex was front row. She was repping the denim factor that day in a full on denim suit along with geek chic glasses and her trademark blonde crop. We spoke briefly she said she was enjoying London , she has this whimsical Marilyn Monroe-esque essence about. A type of sexy that can’t be imitated (Kanye we understand why you found it hard to leave A-R alone!) It was on to some more shows (I won’t bore you with the deets but they were fabulous darling) before once again I had to hit a party. This time it was the UMA’s. It felt weird punctuating my fashion life with my lust for urban beats but when I saw Damage on stage perform their first ever single (Love To Love) I forgot all about dresses, shoe’s and who was wearing who. I bumped into Sam Pepper from BB11, the model Caprice. She left in a hurry, perhaps because she was keen to make off with more than her fair share of weave which was to be found in the goody bags. I didn’t get any unbeweavable (sorry bad joke). Again I got home at stupid O’Clock, and when I woke up at 7am on Sunday morning I thought, nope I cant do it anymore. That was until I realised it was the Esthetica Brunch ( a breakfast party which honours an ethical designer). There was champagne, for breakfast. The ligger in me whispered “go Mary, sip from the cup. Do it!” So I did precisely that. After the brunch I bumped into the stunning Olivia Palermo- super bitch fashionista from The City. As Whitney’s arch nemesis in the show she seems like a total ice maiden. But I LOVED this girl. She was super sweet and very complimentary about how I looked (even though I was particularly bedraggled that day due to a lack of sleep.
After a little down time with Ms Palermo, it was off to Vivienne Westwood. So this British maverick pulled in all of the heavy hitters, I spotted Tolula Adeyemi (Vivs muse) making her entrance and inside were the likes of Nicola Roberts, Marvin (JLS) and Rochelle (The Sats) and the original Baywatch Babe Pamela Anderson. Unfortunately the show was so packed that I couldn’t see the designs drifting down the I headed home for some down time in my bed (queen sized, spring mattressed thing of beauty I missed you!)

On Monday I had to do some work (grrr), interviews and write ups so I only made 1 show Romeo Pire’s. And what a show it was. Whilst queuing up I spotted notorious pop artist Pandemonia- a 7ft tall living piece of art, who only rocks pvc- including a gimp mask). Romeo’s show was at VFS and his line made me think of two movies. These Hills Have Eye’s and Child's Play. The clothes were ‘hillbilly will drag you back to our shack and make you one of us’ chic and the hair styles that the models rocked resembled the locks on Chucky. Shudder. I went to bed early that night. But I didn’t have a good nights sleep, I kept thinking about a doll dressed in PVC coming to get me…

I managed to get into the Ashish show by the skin of my teeth on Tuesday. It was the last day for women's wear and Ashish is a never to be missed show. The label always sets a strong standard for trends that will filter down to the high street. When I reached the venue The show had started and the doors were locked. To burly security guards taking up a mean stance outside. “No one is getting in alright” they said to the crowd of stragglers . I noticed a well known fashion journalists protesting with the old chestnut “Don’t you know who I am?” It didn’t work. The security guys couldn’t care less. Said journalist walked off in a huff, with her Louboutins clacking on the floor. I looked up at the men, doe eyed “I really need to see the show, pretty please- I’ll squeeze in at the back!” I said. “Ahh, look at her go on get in there girl, quick!” And with a peck on the cheek for my two new best friends I skipped into the show.
I ended up right at the end of the runway so I got to see the design pretty full on. It was all wild west, fringing and cowboy hats. The girls stormed the runway to bashment beats and the front row was loving it! I spotted 1xtra breakfast show host Gemma, Paloma Faith and Shingaii again, Diana Vickers, Pixie Lott, Jodie Harsh, VV Brown, Victoria Hervey. Paloma even got up and started shocking out to one of the Bashment beats.

When the show was over everyone got to their feet and gave a rapturous round applause. I had a word with Pixie who raved about the line, loved the cowboy boots the models had worn and mentioned she had her eye on a sexy little green dress that she had spotted in the collection.

The Dolce & Gabbana/Naomi Campbell party was up next. I hopped in a limo (bus) to get there and stepped straight into the venue (queued for an eternity). Miss Campbell was signing limited edition T Shirts (£200 a pop!) emblazoned with her beautiful face. The diva model wasn’t rocking any diamonds and she was on her best behaviour, however she wouldn’t take pics with party goers. The event drew in a lot of the Ashish crowd Pixie and Paloma. Ms Campbell looked gawjus as ever in a little black dress made to measure by her boys Stefano and Domenico.

To end the night I headed to the Rev Run Footlocker Party, where all of the guests were laced with free trainers and people like Bashy and Jamelia rocked up. The biggest baddest deck dawg Tim Westwood handled the decks for a few hrs until Mr Mark Ronson rocked up (with his super blonde quiff and some very snazzy shows) and he kept everybody moving.

Moment of the night? Amber Rose stepped in and all eye’s were on her (and her booty).

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Willow Smith- Whip My Hair ( Official New Music)

'Where my ladies at' 9 yr old Willow Smith cries on her first single..erm, waiting at the school gates to take you home little madam. Her voice sounds far beyond her tweener years and the subject matter is rather all grow'd up for someone who should be watching cartoons and playing video games.

With a voice this slick is Willow a child prodigy or acolyte of the autotune? On first listen I was leaning towards the latter but whatever your opinion her debut track Whip My Hair is catchy and she's fast establishing herself as the mini Fresh Princess. Jay Z has already snapped her up with a record deal and her style is as punchy as Rihanna's. Little Miss Smiths 'tude is just to cool for school!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Give The Stylist a Medal!

Check out the latest single from the UK mc Skepta. The songs catchy and you may recognise the female on the vocals as Sayeed's long suffering missus from Eastenders but the thing that caught the my eye was the styling in the video.

From Skepta's slick suits and Preeya in all of her lace gloved, strapless dress, armlet glory to the video models writhing around in the cutest mac I've seen in ages this video is a visual festival of fashion. FIN

Cross My Heart will be out on the 17th October

The Wanted- The Return of the Boyband

Oh its a hard life us journalists lead...I had the sweet pleasure of hanging out with the prettiest boys in pop, The Wanted recently. Not only did I discover that, yes they are so yummy looking, that observing them for too long makes your teeth ache-they are also very, very naughty.
Its safe to say that besides JLS the UK has been lacking on the bonefide fresh boyband front (I love Take That but they're less boy more man). Now that The Wanted are on the scene that hole has been filled, tweeners- and ladies whom are old enough to know better *ahem*- can scream with wild abandon at a bunch of cute boys with vocal ability once more!

I met the boys whilst they were filming a show with Katy Brand and never before have I heard the words, threesomes, semi and the phrase "what are you doing after this" within the first 60 seconds of meeting a group of fella's.
I quizzed the boys on their late night antics. Their frequent visits to London hotspots like Movida and Mahiki rival fellow boyband liggers JLS! "Yeah we party a lot" confessed Max (the sexy one with the shaved head) "But all we've wanted to do since our number one is celebrate, and we don't intend on stopping just yet!" So rest assured these boys will be partying hard for some time to come.

Riding high on the success of their single All Time Low the boys aim to storm the charts again with the track Heart Vacancy(check out the vids below). Having heard the guys sing (yes they sang to me accapella and I briefly passed out from the effects of the eargasm) they deserve to hit the top of the charts and ride 'em with longevity! Long live The Wanted- long live the return of the boyband!

Our Fashionable Night Out!

All fashion land dwellers stayed out late last week Wednesday, not because there was an all night sample sale at Louboutin, it was the now legendary preamble to LFW that is known as Fashions night out!

Mr Manolo Blahnik!

Bella got to spend time with the legendary Manolo Blahnik (shoe-king foreva!) I had a lovely chat at Liberty's where he told us "a woman always needs to balance comfort and style when it comes to picking a shoe. Never buy something beautiful that will in turn cause you pain and make your feet ugly!" Couldn't have put it better myself Manny B (we're tight like that- nickname levels). The fun continued at libertys when we bumped into one of the first supermodels to hail outta blighty in the 80s, the forever young Yasmin Le Bon. Looking half of her 45 yrs we had a little chinwag with the former model about style "when it comes to clothes I'm all about comfort, although when you're finding your style its good to step out of your happy zone and get a little fearless. Also pain is sometimes fashion! Some beautiful things are worth suffering for!" Well said Mrs Le Bon. Minus her rockstar husband she still rocked out, we spied Yasmin getting down to Lady Gaga's Telephone- the Liberty's DJ was on fire!

Yasmin Le Bon

I headed over to Furla with a few friends. The design house had oh so yummylicious cocktails laid on courtesy of Isolabella- we couldn't get enough of the mojito based drinks or Furla's luxe Wizard of Oz inspired collection.

We then made a quick stop at Topshop to get some style advice- we were told to channel vintage-esque festival chic, with lots of layering. Thats a sexy little look right there!

Styling @ Topshop

Post Topshop we decided to get our party on and hooked up with non other than Matthew Williamson at the Moroccan restaurant/ club Momo's.
All I can say is, that designer can dance. From Beyonce's Single Ladies to Katy B's On A Mission the man didn't stop shaking his perfectly formed derrier. FIN

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars (Official HD) - Ft. Eric Turner

Check out Tinie's next single due for release on the 27th of September. There is nothing more satisfying than watching an exciting young artist break through to the mainstream and manage to make the transition from catchy phenomenon to musician with longevity and Tinie Tempah has done it. The stylish maestro of the UK urban scene is sounding all grown up in this slick, deviation from his standard club banger style. Eric Turner tinkles the ivories and pours passion all over the heart felt hook that ties together Tinie's brilliantly penned verses. Written In The Stars is a certified future chart success.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

If you buy two things this Autumn...

...make sure you're splurging on a shearling aviator jacket and a pair of OTK's (over the knee boots dahling).

Nothing says sexy but warm like this dynamic duo. Spotted all over the runways last Feb for the A/ W 2010 shows, done to perfection by British fashion powerhouse Burberry, both pieces are the key to Autumnal elegance and winter splendour.

The Jacket

The inspiration for this jacket is the fighter pilot from the 50's. That lot sure knew how to fly those choppers with style- nothing to do with the figure of eights-it was all about the The Shearling Aviator jacket. Its tough but sexy, pilot Amelia Earheart set the bar for this trend over 50 decades it girlfriend!

This piece looks best in a deep brown weathered looking leather (though tan can look equally sexy), add to that the divine sheep lining and fur collar and you have a jacket that will act as the perfect winter warmer for this season. Rock this piece with skinny jeans and plain t's during the day or with flapper or ruched style dresses, headbands and kitten heels in the evening.

The Aviator by Burberry £1000

Jacket £110 from

The Boots

Whoever thought we would be looking to Ms Whiplash, the notorious 1980's brothel madam, for style inspiration! But fashion knows no bounds and OTK's are still the hottest way to trot this winter following on from their success in A/ W 2009.
These boots that scream naughty night time can can work during the day over slim fit trousers paired with a chunky knit cardigan. For the evening wear a slinky, embellished top and a pair of dark skinny's. The brave can go for an a line mini!

OTK's by Topshop £110

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Jaeger Campaign!

Every now and then an advertising campaign is so good that it becomes iconic...think Wonder Bra "Hello Boys", any of those "Got Milk" posters and Kate Moss's Calvin Klein Jeans ad. And Now Jaeger has done it with their Autumn/ Winter 2010 look.

Jaeger is the British fashion house that has been dressing the world for 126 years in a gorgeous style that bridges the gap between high street and high end designer. Under the savvy eye of Stuart Stockland as head designer, they have gone from strength to strength in the last few years, revelling in the revival of esteemed British fashion houses which has also caused a renewed appreciation for Brit brands such as Jaeger, Burberry and Pringle. To further celebrate their Cool Britannia position they have shot an iconic ad campaign which uses the beautiful back drop of London and landmarks such as The Eye. The inspiration for the shoot was a Richard Avedon painting which depicted a woman flying over the Eiffel Tower in a helicopter. Genius. Artistic inspiration + the shoot magic created by the photographer Emma Summerton (who photographs for Italian, British and Japanese Vogue and I-D)+ amazing models in the shape of Abbey Lee, Imogen Morris Clarke and Ollie Edwards= one dynamite ad campaign for Jaeger this A/ W. Check out the gorgeous shots below!

Shoegasm of the Month!

"I'm a lady but I'm naughty" whisper these gunmetal grey goddesses by Brian Atwood. The ladylike pump says chic, conservative woman but the corset style ultra high heel alludes that secretly you're a bit of a freak...

Slip your feet into these babies for £720 available at, Selfridges and Liberty's

Friday, 20 August 2010

CASPA & MR HUDSON - Love Never Dies (Back For The First Time) OFFICIAL V...

Check out this dub beauty produced by Caspa. The beat definitely puts you in a romantic summer state and the ever emotive vocalist Mr Hudson knows how to ride a rhythm- so the minute the beat drops and he starts to sing the song gets you...right... here **tear drops, gesticulates towards heart**

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Check out the acoustics on these lot!

Loving all the young, fresh UK music talent at the moment. Check out these snippets of raw musical genius as put together for SBTV.....eargasmic!

Chasing Pluto- A super epic duo. They sing, write, produce. This isn't a standard pop by numbers band ... love 'em!

Frixion- beautiful r&b harmonies from this unsigned trio- girls hold on to you're hankies and your panties...these fella's are just to smooth

Labrinth- genius young producer behind Tinie Tempah's hits Frisky and Pass Out...not only can he create a banging beat in the studio he sings too! This tune has a folksy storyteller vibe- unexpected from someone who create's club hits but very, very welcome

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hakaan- A/W 2010 dream!

If a designer gets Carine Roitfeld(the fashion doyenne/ editor of French Vogue) jetting around the globe to sit front row at their show its a given that they are gonna go global. She is one of the most iconic and influential people in fashion- when she champions a designer, fashionista's sit up and pay attention. This is exactly what happened to Hakaan. Despite my lust for Summer I have to admit, I've been waiting with breath that was bated for the Autumn/ Winter collections to hit the stores, and that's mainly to do with Hakaan and his stratospherically stunning A/W 2010 offering.
And finally the wait is over and us mere mortals can get our hands on some Hakaan! Its time to stock up on oodles of this talented designers goodies, because he has just been unleashed in a luxury retailer near you *scream*!

If you do not know about this genius designer, its time for a little education.

Originally from Turkey the talented Mr Hakaan Yildrim was this years Andam fashion prize winner and had his first on schedule show last February. His A/W 2010 collection boasts an aesthetic of sexy silhouettes, bandaged fabrics galore and an orgasmic use of peplum's, assorted texture's and muted palettes.

Celebrities have been clamouring to rock his visions and one of the first was Rose Byrne, and Mrs David Walliams- model Lara Stone, has walked the runway for Hakaan.

All I can say is hold on to your fedora's for his S/S 2011 collection this coming September...Hakaan will no doubt hurt the runway with even more of his spellbinding designs

Visit Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge London to get your mitts on Hakaans bits...Prices start from £660

The Big Chill!

Caught a little thrill at The Big chill over this weekend..first (and last time) in a tent (cold, wet, spider riddled…) It was freezing, but good music and good company are the only things you need at a festival to keep warm!

Highlights had to be Thom Yorke who played possible upcoming tracks from Radiohead's new album and a preggers Lily Allen announced this performance would be her last ever gig (sob)…Alright, choke back those tears- somehow I don’t think this is the last time that the voice of young London will be showing off her vocal range. She’s one of those artists who wants to shun the spotlight but cannot help trying to get it back on her if she thinks she’s been forgotten.

Kelis showcased her new euphoric musical leaning's at the Hertfordshire festival, wowing the crowd with her show stopping outfits but the most memorable performance had to be M.I.A. The Bucky Done Gone singer had to be ushered off the stage when fans rushed her performance.

Oooh and FBC artiste du jour Tinie Tempah did his thing as ever…the FBC heart him long time [Insert Frisky/ Pass Out jokes here]

Eat Jerk Chicken Like a RockSTAR

So, ambling around Shepherd's Bush (post a Westfield splurge) I was feeling a little peckish and stumbled upon this lovely little West Indian Food Restaurant. But this wasn't just any place to get your fix of saltfish and jerk chicken. Its a celeb haven! Any music star worth their salt who visits the UK (or lives in it)and has a craving for Caribbean heads to Ochi's. We spoke to the owner who proudly reeled off his celeb patrons "everyone come's here, Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, Alesha Dixon, Sisqo! They love the food. I guess they just tell each other about the place!"

The Camera Shy Shop Owner

One of the wall's in the restaurant is covered in picture's from satisfied celebs who had a finger licking time in the restaurant including Beverly Knight, r&b singer Jaheim, reggae star Sizzla, The Sugababes and of course Rihanna. But what did the good girl gone bad chow down on? "I can't reveal that!" chuckled the owner "she's been coming here since she was a pickney(child)and nobody looked at her twice. But since she did that Umbrella song she comes here and all you get are papparrazzi and young boys geting excited trying to take her picture- she alway's keeps her hoodie on..." Hoodie up, sipping on red stripe and tearing off chunks of chicken- Ri-Ri is a girl after our hearts!

The Celeb Splattered Wall

We had saltfish, jerk chicken and some hard food. Follow tasted.... KAPOW!

Wanna eat jerk chicken like a rockstar? Visit Ochi's @ 226 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush London W12 7LJ

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