Sunday, 15 August 2010

Check out the acoustics on these lot!

Loving all the young, fresh UK music talent at the moment. Check out these snippets of raw musical genius as put together for SBTV.....eargasmic!

Chasing Pluto- A super epic duo. They sing, write, produce. This isn't a standard pop by numbers band ... love 'em!

Frixion- beautiful r&b harmonies from this unsigned trio- girls hold on to you're hankies and your panties...these fella's are just to smooth

Labrinth- genius young producer behind Tinie Tempah's hits Frisky and Pass Out...not only can he create a banging beat in the studio he sings too! This tune has a folksy storyteller vibe- unexpected from someone who create's club hits but very, very welcome

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