Friday, 18 June 2010

Wendy Williams hits London

Last night we headed over to the Soho Hotel to meet up with the latest chat show export from the States- Wendy Williams. For those of you who don't know, Wendy is a larger than life controversial radio DJ, bestselling author and chat show host basically a one woman media phenomenon. Her modus operandi is picking celebs up on the dirt that's been dished in glossy mags. Drugs, divorce, sex and surgery- nothing is off limits. Never far from gossip columns herself, Williams famously alluded to rumours that the late rapper Tupac was raped in prison. She also faced sexual harassment charges in 2008 when a former employee claimed Williams and her husband(who is her manager) subjected her to sexual harassment- namely Wendy's hubby propositioned the girl while Williams did nothing to stop it and encouraged the employee to dress like a "sexy little bitch" per her husbands request.

Her show is pretty huge in the US with the likes of Whitney Houston, Heidi Montag and and Tori Spelling all laying themselves as victims on her couch. She's bringing her whole in your face "shock jockette I wanna dig the dirt on celebrities" format to British soil on the 14th of July to BET.
The best thing about her is that she knows how to ask the questions we are thinking....basically she is your everyday celeb goss loving individual and the only difference between her and her viewers is she has access! And she's not scared of getting us Brits to dish the dirt on her show. She's had a bit of Jay Sean, Jamie Olivers got his turkey twizzlers out on her couch and she's has a Brit themed show coming up that will feature the likes of Estelle (airing on BET July 2nd). She confessed that the show is "a fulfillment of my wildest dreams!" Can't wait to see Williams asking the naugtiest of questions on the show, something along the lines of "Amy are you jonesing for a little brown right now?" Ooh her personality is as big as her wigs and surgically enhanced boobs!

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