Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Espionage Gets Sexy

Espionage just got sexy again. Fact. Last week the FBI discovered a ring of Russian spies had been operating in the US for over a decade, leaking government secrets, swapping bags of money and using codes like 'the blue breasted eagle flies south in the winter' etc etc. But, the most exciting part of the story is Anna Chapman. The sexiest secret agent since Mata Hari sold out her cohorts to France during WW1.

Cheeky Chapman, much like Mata, used her sex appeal to befriend men in high places, gleaned tasty pieces of top secret information and fed this to her contacts in Moscow to ensure that the Ruskies were always one step ahead of the Masters of the Universe (otherwise known as Americans). We know what she did was sneaky, underhand and downright criminal but you've gotta hand it to this gal- she used what her mama gave her to the best advantage.

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