Friday, 18 June 2010

Burke's Latest Beau Derulo?!

After an intimate little chinwag with Alexandra Burke we can confirm that a) she is NOT dating Rickie from Kiss FM and b) she is HOT for a certain young Jasooooonnn Deruuuuloooooo (ya gotta sing that last bit in your mind). Alex excitedly confirmed that the r&b crooner is just her type after meeting him a few weeks ago"he is too fine! When I saw him I thought mmmmm, yeah I need to have a few glasses of champagne with this boy!" She invited him for a bit of a boogie and drinks at hotspot Mahiki. However we also had a sly word with the Derulo and he didnt seem as keen, he stated "Nah, its not a date. She said come out, like as in friends." "I think Pixie Lott will also be there, that will be cool cos Pixie is a great girl."
Sounds like he's more into the Lott than the Burkester, and Pixie recently confirmed that she is single. We want to know who will be singing is name?? Will our next celebrity couple morph be Jalex or Pixson. Derulot or Burkelo. your bets folks!

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