Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tea with Tamsin

Last week I caught up with Tamsin Egerton over afternoon tea at the Soho Hotel. We talked about her new film (written/ directed by Noel Clarke). The movie focuses on 4 girls, over three days, with the story following them across two cities and they all have one chance. But one chance to do what? "One chance to sort your life out- all of us girls have our crises and we have one chance to wake up and smell the coffee!" Tamsin tells us. The ladies get caught up in a super sexy diamond heist- the film is fast paced, has great back stories for each of the girls and is a modern day tale of real girl power! Its feminism reloaded!
In person Tamsin has this striking ethereal willowy beauty, but with a down to earth giggly girly persona which makes you feel like you are hanging out with a friend (not one of Britains hottest young acting talents!) When I asked her about channelling confidence on the red carpet (I had a premiere the next day) she said "Oh darling you just have to realise its all just silly. Everyone screams your name but in the end you just go home to your mates and your dog!" she giggled "I just strike a pose, believe that its a load of hype and I'm fine!"

Catch in cinemas from the 2nd of June

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