Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Plea to Kirsten Stewart's Stylist

Dear Stylist to Kirsten Stewart

As everyone gets ready for the movie event of the summer (Eclipse from the Twilight Saga dontcha know) The FBC is praying that you have started getting Miss Moody Pants ready too. Please, please please help end her goth obsession *shivers*, please end her addiction to clashing fabrics (she's done plaid and brocade- together *wave of nausea*), tell her to stay away from the trainers and do not let her stuff her hair into a hairband/ not run brush through it/ not give it the once over with Herbal Essences.

We love her movies, revere her acting talent and respect her ability to lock lips with R-Patz but the red carpet roadkill look has got to go. And while you're at it tell K-Stew to sort that scowl out. A little teeth on the red carpet never hurt a budding ingenue with her ascension to super movie star status.

If you think this job is above and beyond- hand her over to Rachel Zoe. She handles people like Anne Hathaway, a walking ad for Zoe-bot domination!

Or try Mariel Haenn Rihanna's stylist. Rihanna is proof that you can look young, directional and different without looking like you got dressed in the dark after skipping uni lectures to down £1 shots at the student union.

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