Saturday, 3 July 2010

A bit of a flirt with Fleurtini

The band Sweet Tooth recently gave the Bella a mind blowing eargasm! Their song Everybody Wants To Be In Love is a gorgeous ode to romance and has a jazz influence of days gone by. I got up close and personal with Fleurtini, the groups lead singer to find out more about the band and their sound, whether she really is a flirt and what makes this honey voiced singer tick!

Who is Sweet Tooth?

Sweet Tooth is producer/songwriter Gavin Hammond and myself (chanteuse
Fleurtini) - together we write and record our music in Gavin’s studio. We formed a
few years ago – originally I was the backing vocalist for Gavin’s more acoustic solo
venture, but then we started to work songs around my voice and style and the end result was Sweet Tooth! I’m originally from Melbourne, and he’s from Cambridge, but we both consider ourselves Londoners now.

How would you describe your sound?
Cinematic pop music, shaken (not stirred), with a splash of jazz and electronica.

What’s the best thing about being in a band?
For me, it’s the escapism. Both in my own life (without music I wouldn’t get to be
so openly expressive, nor play dress-ups!), but also the fact that we seem to offer
our listeners a chance to lose themselves too. Someone once said that Sweet Tooth is “the soundtrack to the life you wish you had” – which I find just wonderful!

Fleurtini, you have an awesome bluesy/ jazzy tone to your voice- are you
classically trained?

Why thank you! I was raised in a musical family, and apparently I sang harmonies
along to the radio before I was even really speaking! But I’ve never had lessons
except for a few when I was a teenager (which I soon gave up as they were very ‘musical theatre’ focused and that wasn’t really my thing).

Who are your musical influences?
For me, vocally, it’s the classics singers like Peggy Lee, Julie London and Ella
Fitzgerald - I’ve learned more by singing along to their records than I ever did
having lessons. But Gavin and I, between us, also listen to a lot of different styles,from ‘pure’ pop and mellow electronica through to dub-step! It all colours the way we write and produce, even in the most subtle ways…

What’s your biggest motivation behind making music?
I feel there’s an element of ‘soul’ involved in singing and making music. Not to sound too hippy-dippy, but expressing emotions (good and bad) with my voice has always been a crucial part of my well-being. And I hope that this carries over to our listeners, lifting spirits, or soothing troubled minds.

Do you have any upcoming gigs? Are you playing at any festivals this summer?
We’re currently working on getting our new live set together, as until now all of
our efforts have been writing and recording our album. But we most definitely plan to get back out under the spot-lights very soon – keep in touch via our website( for the latest news.

What’s the sweetest thing about Sweet Tooth!?
I have to admit to a soppy obsession with all creatures cute and cuddly – I can’t pass a pup or kitty in the street without stopping for a pat, and one of my favourite websites is (need I say more?). I’m definitely the ‘Sweet’ of the band(Gavin’s the ‘Tooth’!).

We LOVE the track ‘everybody wants to be in love, what inspired you guys to
write the song? Its got such a kooky mix of different types of romance

The lyrics of this song came from people and things that Gavin and I had seen around
London – each scene described came from something one or both of us witnessed.
The sentiment is obvious, but a lot of the lyrics are quite bitter-sweet, as we’re all searching for love, but not always successful (nor is it always love in a conventional sense, either).

The video is ace! How did you come up with the concept?
Thanks! I have to credit Gavin with the treatment for the video – a lot of the scenes in it are literal illustrations of the lyrics, but he came up with the concept of the futuristic city, where love is banned by the government but still prevails, with the help of my character covertly giving out hearts. I did get a kick out of being depicted as a comic-book heroine, I must admit.

When will your album be out?
Later on this year, all being well. We’re just putting the finishing touches on it now!

Fleurtini- are you a flirt or more of a wall flower?
Neither really – I’m more of a ‘social-butterfly!’ Then again, if I have my heart set on something (or someone), I most definitely go for it

Tell us a secret about you!
I’m good at keeping secrets!

Loving your coquettish look- how would you describe your style? Since I was a child, I’ve always loved vintage clothing (my mum used to dress me
in little pinafores and frilly bloomers that she’d bought at the closing down of an
old department store!). Now I like to combine current, new designers with special
vintage pieces from the 30s, 40s and 50s – with the end result (I hope!) being a sort of modern-day Vargas Girl.

Finish these sentences ‘If I wasn’t a singer I would be……..’A shoe designer (an ambition I still hope to fulfil one day).
‘Something about me that would surprise people is……’I can’t ride a bicycle – I never got passed the training wheel stage as a child, and I
was too much of a book-worm to care. Though I don’t know if it’s that surprising ,
considering I’m usually decked out in a frock or playsuit and heels (not the most
practical for pedalling!)

Visit to hear more music and news about the band

Everybody Wants To Be In Love - Sweet Tooth from SweetToothMusic on Vimeo.

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