Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Minute With Macy!

I hung out with Macy Gray this afternoon at the Sanderson hotel ahead of her gig in Londons Leicester Sq. We talked about her new album The Sellout, her mad DJ skills and how she loves to get naked!
Snuggled up on a white sofa in her hotel room, rocking some shades poor Macy was a bit tired "I was DJing at Mahiki last night after my first Leicester Sq performance. I love DJing my ex [husband] taught me how and I've always dabbled with the decks." But ever the trooper this amazing and truly unique soul diva animatedly talked about her latest studio effort "I called the album The Sellout cos I was predicting how well it was gonna do!" Macy quipped her voice squeaking excitedly (Macy has the sweetest speaking voice.) "Seriously though I loved writing this album because I found the song writing process cathartic. I get out emotions that I never knew I had in me- its a bit like how you act after smoking a joint!" Er, Macy I hope you didn't inhale!

Macy is known for being amazingly out there, unafraid of who she is, at ease with her style and the way she was thrust to stardom with her breakout worldwide smash I Try. Known for being sassy and upfront I had to ask whats the wildest thing she's ever done? "Ooh wow there's a lot" she laughed " I guess one of the craziest things had to be my naked phase." Naked phase?! "I loved getting on stage and just stripping. It was just me and my music!" Was there some underwear going on? Or at least a strategically placed guitar to protect her modesty? "Nah it was just me au naturale!"

Catch Macy at Leicester Sq tonight where she'll be performing and at the nightclub Maddox where she will be spinning tunage galore on the decks alongside model/ DJ Tolula Adeyemi

Macy will be headlining at GAY on Saturday 17th July and her Album The Sellout is out in stores now!

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