Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Need a Fashion Fix? Head East

Oooh I love a fashionable little accident- no not purple and red mixed together- that's not cute- I'm talking boutique happenstance. I was minding my own business wondering the mean streets of the West End (trying to get to Selfridges down the backstreets instead of pushing through the crowds) when I found myself on Eastcastle Street and discovered a mini fashion mecca. Eastcastle street is home to two very beautiful and different boutiques; Fever and Oxygen.


If you're a fashionista on a recessionista's budget then Fever is the place to go! This store opened just a few months ago and does luxe on a budget. The designs are gorgeous and girly,
with a vintage feel.

In between the clothing rails are oodles of accessories, fab handbags, belts and jewellery pieces.We had a quick chat with the designers of the stores range "We always channel the vintage look with our designs. We're inspired by the glamour of days gone by!" So if you fancy yourself as a 50s glamour puss, a sixties hippy chick of a 70s sophisticate then head to fever. Oh and they stock actual vintage in the store too so you can get a fix of the real thing.

Wanna fan your fashion flames? Then after a visit to Fever cross the road and get a little Oxygen in your life. This high end boutique is definitely one to visit on pay day or when you fancy spoiling yourself.
Oxygen hit Eastcastle Street this time last year and it is truly a fashion lovers dream. With brands such as Herve Leger and Alice and Olivia any fashionista worth her salt can happily get her label love on in this store. Oxygen also carries hats by the fabulously talented EunegniaKim!

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