Friday, 6 August 2010

Dial S for Shindig....

So last week Bella hit a few shindigs...think someone gave my S button a nice big, fat push...

KG and Marston
First off I went to the newly refurbished Gem Bar on Beak Street for the launch of a brand spanking new comedy night hosted by KG & Marston the awesome comedy duo behind the underground comedy skit Shadrack and the mandem...

The guys are as funny in the flesh as they are on youtube (and kinda shexshay too...they took their tops of and all of the women stopped laughing and started swooning).

The event is poised to happen monthly....excitement!

Check out this clip of their'll laugh so hard you'll either choke or cry

Moo Party

Next stop was Shoreditch, where I slipped into 93 Feet East and sipped on some summery cocktails for the Moo 4th birtday party. Moo makes all kindsa cute promo bits involving pics from business and birthday cards to collage prints...oooh brilliant for getting picture perfect...on the night the Moo crew filmed party goers to ask them about their fav Moo products and the night was topped of with a bit of karaoke- my friends and I sang/ murdered Shabba Ranks Mr Loverman it wasn't pretty (although I think the fella's in the building enjoyed the girl on girl grinding sesh the FBC had during the song). Have a little Moo-ch through the party pics below!

Trading Places
Friday rolled on and we headed to the Trading Places party at Shoreditch House. This is a regular, exclusive little chi chi do put on by none other than Radio 1 DJ and presenter Reggie Yates (or Reg-e-licious as we've christened him because he looked good enough to eat on the night.)

The Trading Places crowd consisted of achingly hip Shoreditch types, dressed either in clothing only they understand or fierce, fresh streetwear- with many of the ladies rocking the stereotypical Shoreditch topknot (you know the one- hair up with a bun smack on top of your head) and some the fella's looking fittingly androgynous in skinny jeans and Louis V scarves..Reg-e-licious handled the decks alongside other rather talented vinyl spinners...the music was like listening to a bunch of your favourite ipod playlists on random! There's one word to sum up this party. HOT. The music- hot, the people- hot, the club- hot (no a/c in this venue!) Check out the party pics below.

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