Monday, 9 August 2010

The Big Chill!

Caught a little thrill at The Big chill over this weekend..first (and last time) in a tent (cold, wet, spider riddled…) It was freezing, but good music and good company are the only things you need at a festival to keep warm!

Highlights had to be Thom Yorke who played possible upcoming tracks from Radiohead's new album and a preggers Lily Allen announced this performance would be her last ever gig (sob)…Alright, choke back those tears- somehow I don’t think this is the last time that the voice of young London will be showing off her vocal range. She’s one of those artists who wants to shun the spotlight but cannot help trying to get it back on her if she thinks she’s been forgotten.

Kelis showcased her new euphoric musical leaning's at the Hertfordshire festival, wowing the crowd with her show stopping outfits but the most memorable performance had to be M.I.A. The Bucky Done Gone singer had to be ushered off the stage when fans rushed her performance.

Oooh and FBC artiste du jour Tinie Tempah did his thing as ever…the FBC heart him long time [Insert Frisky/ Pass Out jokes here]

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