Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Need a Fashion Fix? Head East

Oooh I love a fashionable little accident- no not purple and red mixed together- that's not cute- I'm talking boutique happenstance. I was minding my own business wondering the mean streets of the West End (trying to get to Selfridges down the backstreets instead of pushing through the crowds) when I found myself on Eastcastle Street and discovered a mini fashion mecca. Eastcastle street is home to two very beautiful and different boutiques; Fever and Oxygen.


If you're a fashionista on a recessionista's budget then Fever is the place to go! This store opened just a few months ago and does luxe on a budget. The designs are gorgeous and girly,
with a vintage feel.

In between the clothing rails are oodles of accessories, fab handbags, belts and jewellery pieces.We had a quick chat with the designers of the stores range "We always channel the vintage look with our designs. We're inspired by the glamour of days gone by!" So if you fancy yourself as a 50s glamour puss, a sixties hippy chick of a 70s sophisticate then head to fever. Oh and they stock actual vintage in the store too so you can get a fix of the real thing.

Wanna fan your fashion flames? Then after a visit to Fever cross the road and get a little Oxygen in your life. This high end boutique is definitely one to visit on pay day or when you fancy spoiling yourself.
Oxygen hit Eastcastle Street this time last year and it is truly a fashion lovers dream. With brands such as Herve Leger and Alice and Olivia any fashionista worth her salt can happily get her label love on in this store. Oxygen also carries hats by the fabulously talented EunegniaKim!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Party Chic

Loved this girls whole look- from the beach mussy locks , to the multi-coloured maxi from All Saints, this is a picture perfect winning style for summer

Dress priced at £190 from All Saints

Missing The World Cup? We're Just Missing The Talent

For the last few weeks our lives have been ruled by the World Cup. I gotta confess, I'll miss all of the talent on that pitch. No, no not the deft right crosses and skillful 2 by 2 formations. I'm talking about the hot, fit, muscled species decked out in shorts who provided football dissenters like me with enough of a reason to keep their eye's firmly on the box for 90 minutes. And they didn't come any hotter than Oguchi Onyewu. This 6 4" defender plays for AC Milan but was repping his homeland (the USA) during the World Cup shenanigans. Take a look at the pic. Drink in the deliciousness that is Oguchi. While Spain lift Jules Rimmet, all I really want is for Onyewu to lift me up and take me to the bedroom. Doesn't he make you wanna go WAG and never look back!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Adventures of Tolula in LaLa Land

We all know catwalk queen Tolula Adeyemi gives good face (see evidence above) but now she's making a bid to take over LaLa Land. We bumped into the model/ DJ at a launch party in Maddox nightclub just before she hit the decks and she told the FBC exclusively that she's been work her butt off in Hollywood "I've been shooting a series of shorts that will be entered in film festivals for 2011. I'm hoping this will be the start of something big!"

Good start but any fledgling film star worth their salt heads to Cannes every year and that's exactly what Miss Adeyemi did "I was at the film festival!"Tolula told us- good on ya love work it! "And I was hanging out at Soho House in LA yesterday so I'm a bit jet lagged but it was amazing. I met Sylvester Stallone and Jack Nicholson!" Mingling with Hollywood royalty. This girl knows which side her bread is buttered on. She's already starred alongside heavy hitters Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thomson in the movie Last Chance Harvey and has the support of friend and rumoured former love interest Jude Law. Good luck Tolula. Model & Vivian Westwoods muse/ DJ/ future Hollywood royalty- just another string to your already burgeoning bow!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

BNTM's Grace Woodward

The FBC is CRUSHING on Grace Woodward...not only is she a stylist extradoinarre who has finessed sh** hot artists like Pharrell Williams and Florence and the Machine, whilst working as a creative stylist with publications like Elle and Harpers Bazaar, she's now been thrust into the reality TV stratosphere via Britain's Next Top Model. The BNTM ad campaign may be pushing the fact that Elle McPherson is now the lead judge/ host but its Grace fashionista's have their eye on. From the strong red lip to the sexy geek chic glasses and super shiny black hair Grace has got it going on. And she's firm but nice, unlike fellow judge Julien MacDonald who said on this weeks show to a budding model "You're beautiful, you have a great body but you walk like a monkey."- Nice! Funny as hell to the viewers but I'm sure that took the future Lily Cole down a peg or two!

A Minute With Macy!

I hung out with Macy Gray this afternoon at the Sanderson hotel ahead of her gig in Londons Leicester Sq. We talked about her new album The Sellout, her mad DJ skills and how she loves to get naked!
Snuggled up on a white sofa in her hotel room, rocking some shades poor Macy was a bit tired "I was DJing at Mahiki last night after my first Leicester Sq performance. I love DJing my ex [husband] taught me how and I've always dabbled with the decks." But ever the trooper this amazing and truly unique soul diva animatedly talked about her latest studio effort "I called the album The Sellout cos I was predicting how well it was gonna do!" Macy quipped her voice squeaking excitedly (Macy has the sweetest speaking voice.) "Seriously though I loved writing this album because I found the song writing process cathartic. I get out emotions that I never knew I had in me- its a bit like how you act after smoking a joint!" Er, Macy I hope you didn't inhale!

Macy is known for being amazingly out there, unafraid of who she is, at ease with her style and the way she was thrust to stardom with her breakout worldwide smash I Try. Known for being sassy and upfront I had to ask whats the wildest thing she's ever done? "Ooh wow there's a lot" she laughed " I guess one of the craziest things had to be my naked phase." Naked phase?! "I loved getting on stage and just stripping. It was just me and my music!" Was there some underwear going on? Or at least a strategically placed guitar to protect her modesty? "Nah it was just me au naturale!"

Catch Macy at Leicester Sq tonight where she'll be performing and at the nightclub Maddox where she will be spinning tunage galore on the decks alongside model/ DJ Tolula Adeyemi

Macy will be headlining at GAY on Saturday 17th July and her Album The Sellout is out in stores now!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Minxy Make -Up Artist Vanessa Guallar!

When I had the chance to meet superstar make up artist Vanessa Guallar I jumped at it! She's painted many famous faces including Uma Thurman, Kelly Brook and Ashton Kutcher. She's originally from Spain but her career has taken her from the UK to the USA and further. And not only is she handy with putting together the perfect colour palette for celebs she's created a make up line in conjunction with Boots N17. "Sit down darling, wow you look ah-mazing!" That's the first thing Vanessa says when I meet her. Love her already.

So tell us about your new line?
Well its the Starry Eye's Collection for Boots No17. Its coming out later on this year just ahead of Christmas- its fabulous!

Sounds exciting! So what makes it different?
Well the main thing is that it enables you to create a sophisticated smokey eye. It comes with instructions and a varied colour palette.

Whats the secret to a perfect smokey eye?
Its important to use some colour when you create a smokey eye. Its not all about just piling black eyeshadow on! You need to keep building the colours slowly don't start with black! That's what this new collection teaches you. Not to be afraid and to build a look that's glamour to the extreme! And although the collection comes out for Christmas, you can recycle it because its not just a make up kit for winter- its for every season!

You've made up tons of stars can you name a few!?
Oh gosh, erm- Kelly Brook, Myleene Klass, Denise Van Outen, Uma Thurman and Ashton Kutcher!

Wow! Thats a lot- whose your fav?
[Laughs]I don't have favourites I love them all! But I would say Myleene and me are good friends. Uma is pretty cool. She is such a regular girl. When she's getting ready she'll turn to me holding up dresses and say "Darling what should I wear?" And Kelly is just amazing. Me and her were chatting about Matthew Morrison the other day(Glee's Will Schuester)

That's her new man right!?
Well I did her make up the day she was going on a date with him! "She was saying to me "Vanessa what do you think- I'm not sure...." I told her to go for it!

Good advice cos they make a cute couple! Whats the most surreal experience you've had working with celebs?
Probably when I'm flicking through Heat magazine and I see myself in the back of paparazzi shots! The way those photographers vie for pictures is amazing. I remember doing Uma's make up for the Jonathan Ross show. When she was leaving she'd forgotten her glasses. So I told her to go to the car while I got it for her. When I got outside I tapped on her car window she opened it just a crack and all of the camera's went off I! A million flashes its crazy!

Sounds pretty surreal!
Definitely. And another surreal experience was when I did Ashtons make up. Demi was there. She is so beautiful in the flesh and so down to earth!

Anyone else you'd like to get your hands on that you haven't already?
Shakira- she's gorgeous. And Lady Gaga. I would love just working on the drama with her.

Cool! OK, so if someone has 5 minutes to get ready what would you suggest they do make-up wise?
First choose an eyeshadow, apply it with your fingers. If its a darker shade, draw it out to give the face a feline look. Use a light colour on the inner corner of your eye's to make them pop.
Put on lashings of mascara, Boots 17 Wild Curls in black looks amazing. Whip bronzer all over your face and use nude lip mirror shine (from Boots 17) to finish the look!

Sounds like 5 minute perfection! And whats the make up product you can't live without?Cream blusher. Ooh cream blusher is my best friend! It makes every girl look super cute!

Starry Eyes will be available this Autumn from Boots

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Festival Essential with Fearne, Pixie and Ke$ha!

We're smack bang in the middle of festival season- revellers have hit Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Wireless... T in the Park is happening right now and there are still loads more to come like the epic V Festival and Bestival. So how do fashionista's, beauty-ista's and all round girlie girls survive without stacked vanity cases, hot water and outlets for hair straighteners?

Fear not diva's cos Bella has had a little word with Fearne Cotton, Ke$ha and Pixie Lott to find out how they keep it sexy when they hit the festival circuit.

Fearne Cotton
"I love festivals because it's a chance to become an amped up version of yourself. I would definitely say go for some glitter and waterproof mascara is a must, especially if its hot- you don't want sweaty mascara streaks running down your cheeks! I always use Mark Hills dry shampoo on my hair to keep my locks looking good oh and just make sure you get creative with your make up kit. You can use lippie as eyeshadow and blusher. Your getting three things out of one little tube!"

Get the look

Benefit Posie Tint £23.20
This lip and cheek stain will make you the prettiest posie in the bunch! Personally I can't live without it!

Mark Hill Holiday Hair Dry Shampoo £5.99
This will leave you with summer sexy tresses. Very handy if some unruly reveller dares to spill strongbow on your crowning glory

"Its all about glitter, eyeliner and fanny packs. As long as I have glitter at a festival I'm good to go. I sleep in it and just pile loads more on. And you can keep all of your stuff in a fanny pack so you've got your hands free and it pretty hard for anyone to steal your stuff if its wrapped around your waist! And black eyeliner looks hot even if you sleep in it."

Get the look

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals for only £2.99 bargainista! Slap it on and then slap on some more!

Rimmel Kohl Pencil in black £2.99 slick it on, smudge it, sleep in it and repeat!

Fanny Packs: Who said you had to look like a 90s tourist with a nylon dayglo fanny pack! Get fanny fabulous with this leather tassle detail bootylicious bumbag by Asos £22

Pixie Lott

"Always carry baby wipes with you. Its like a little shower in a bag, you can remove your make up with it, have a freshen up during the day. If you're drinking alcohol make sure you line your stomach with chips or something like that. And never ever use the loo's, they're always disgusting! Oh and get one of my dresses they're girlie, festival perfect and available from lipsy!"

Get the look

Johnson's Baby Wipes £2.39 for a 64 pack
Smell as sweet as a new born babe, whilst all those around you are getting a bit whiffy!

Visit http://www.lipsy.co.uk/pixielott for the full range

White gypsy dress by Pixie Lott for Lipsy £48 available from ASOS

Need a wee? Head for the nicest bush you can find, squat, aim and fire!**Disclaimer: Pixie Lott does not endorse the squat aim fire routine**

Monday, 5 July 2010

Wanna smell good? There's an app for that!

The phone of the moment has got to be the iPhone...if you're a beauty savvy chick as well as a gadget geek Givaudan (industry leading perfumery house dontcha know)have come up with the perfect app for you...iPerfumer!

We headed down to the launch of this sweet smelling app at The Ivy early one morning (9am start arggh early but science waits for no man). Whilst nibbling on a nice bit of brekky we settled down to a lesson in perfume technology....call it iperfumer 101.

This clever little app takes away the stress of finding a new perfume. Hands up if you've ever been confused.com when you hit the perfume counter?My left hand is up as I type this.

All you do is create a little profile and enter details about what scents you like. But what scents do I like I hear you ask. Well you'll soon find out 'cos this app takes you to a science level where you become that little French man in a white coat down in Rue de la Blah blah in the back streets of Paris. The app teaches you about base scents like Chypre(citrus top notes) and Fougère (often a base for male fragrances its floral woody and oriental with top notes of lavender). Once you are armed with knowledge, this sweet little app also throws up several examples of these types of fragrance (e.g. for fougère you'd see Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Fraicheu, for chypre Coco Mademoiselle).

You'll begin to get an idea of what new scents you might like to try and what fragrances you can buy for other people (you can create multiple profiles). You can also rate the perfumes you've previously sniffed. Makes perfect scents doesn't it (sorry had to use this bad joke at some point).

This ingenious app also tells you about new fragance launches, you can see the top rated perfumers by members of the iPerfumer community and it holds over 4500 perfumes in its database. This means you'll be armed with enough knowledge to whittle down your choices when you head to your nearest perfume counter or your surfing the web for a new fragrance.Wanna know more? Get you yourself down to the Apple store in Regent St, London and download it for free- the minute we finished our sausages we did!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

A bit of a flirt with Fleurtini

The band Sweet Tooth recently gave the Bella a mind blowing eargasm! Their song Everybody Wants To Be In Love is a gorgeous ode to romance and has a jazz influence of days gone by. I got up close and personal with Fleurtini, the groups lead singer to find out more about the band and their sound, whether she really is a flirt and what makes this honey voiced singer tick!

Who is Sweet Tooth?

Sweet Tooth is producer/songwriter Gavin Hammond and myself (chanteuse
Fleurtini) - together we write and record our music in Gavin’s studio. We formed a
few years ago – originally I was the backing vocalist for Gavin’s more acoustic solo
venture, but then we started to work songs around my voice and style and the end result was Sweet Tooth! I’m originally from Melbourne, and he’s from Cambridge, but we both consider ourselves Londoners now.

How would you describe your sound?
Cinematic pop music, shaken (not stirred), with a splash of jazz and electronica.

What’s the best thing about being in a band?
For me, it’s the escapism. Both in my own life (without music I wouldn’t get to be
so openly expressive, nor play dress-ups!), but also the fact that we seem to offer
our listeners a chance to lose themselves too. Someone once said that Sweet Tooth is “the soundtrack to the life you wish you had” – which I find just wonderful!

Fleurtini, you have an awesome bluesy/ jazzy tone to your voice- are you
classically trained?

Why thank you! I was raised in a musical family, and apparently I sang harmonies
along to the radio before I was even really speaking! But I’ve never had lessons
except for a few when I was a teenager (which I soon gave up as they were very ‘musical theatre’ focused and that wasn’t really my thing).

Who are your musical influences?
For me, vocally, it’s the classics singers like Peggy Lee, Julie London and Ella
Fitzgerald - I’ve learned more by singing along to their records than I ever did
having lessons. But Gavin and I, between us, also listen to a lot of different styles,from ‘pure’ pop and mellow electronica through to dub-step! It all colours the way we write and produce, even in the most subtle ways…

What’s your biggest motivation behind making music?
I feel there’s an element of ‘soul’ involved in singing and making music. Not to sound too hippy-dippy, but expressing emotions (good and bad) with my voice has always been a crucial part of my well-being. And I hope that this carries over to our listeners, lifting spirits, or soothing troubled minds.

Do you have any upcoming gigs? Are you playing at any festivals this summer?
We’re currently working on getting our new live set together, as until now all of
our efforts have been writing and recording our album. But we most definitely plan to get back out under the spot-lights very soon – keep in touch via our website(www.sweettoothmusic.co.uk) for the latest news.

What’s the sweetest thing about Sweet Tooth!?
I have to admit to a soppy obsession with all creatures cute and cuddly – I can’t pass a pup or kitty in the street without stopping for a pat, and one of my favourite websites is Cuteoverload.com (need I say more?). I’m definitely the ‘Sweet’ of the band(Gavin’s the ‘Tooth’!).

We LOVE the track ‘everybody wants to be in love, what inspired you guys to
write the song? Its got such a kooky mix of different types of romance

The lyrics of this song came from people and things that Gavin and I had seen around
London – each scene described came from something one or both of us witnessed.
The sentiment is obvious, but a lot of the lyrics are quite bitter-sweet, as we’re all searching for love, but not always successful (nor is it always love in a conventional sense, either).

The video is ace! How did you come up with the concept?
Thanks! I have to credit Gavin with the treatment for the video – a lot of the scenes in it are literal illustrations of the lyrics, but he came up with the concept of the futuristic city, where love is banned by the government but still prevails, with the help of my character covertly giving out hearts. I did get a kick out of being depicted as a comic-book heroine, I must admit.

When will your album be out?
Later on this year, all being well. We’re just putting the finishing touches on it now!

Fleurtini- are you a flirt or more of a wall flower?
Neither really – I’m more of a ‘social-butterfly!’ Then again, if I have my heart set on something (or someone), I most definitely go for it

Tell us a secret about you!
I’m good at keeping secrets!

Loving your coquettish look- how would you describe your style? Since I was a child, I’ve always loved vintage clothing (my mum used to dress me
in little pinafores and frilly bloomers that she’d bought at the closing down of an
old department store!). Now I like to combine current, new designers with special
vintage pieces from the 30s, 40s and 50s – with the end result (I hope!) being a sort of modern-day Vargas Girl.

Finish these sentences ‘If I wasn’t a singer I would be……..’A shoe designer (an ambition I still hope to fulfil one day).
‘Something about me that would surprise people is……’I can’t ride a bicycle – I never got passed the training wheel stage as a child, and I
was too much of a book-worm to care. Though I don’t know if it’s that surprising ,
considering I’m usually decked out in a frock or playsuit and heels (not the most
practical for pedalling!)

Visit www.sweettoothmusic.co.uk to hear more music and news about the band

Everybody Wants To Be In Love - Sweet Tooth from SweetToothMusic on Vimeo.

Lets Hear it for The Boys!

In the blink of an eye, men's Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion week in Paris and Milan passed us by...but we thought an honorable mention had to go to Burberry Prorsum and Moncler Gamme Bleu. Both fashion houses were getting the guys all "I'm a lady" in Neapolatin ice cream colours and pastel pinks, blinging manbags, girly gilettes and effeminate military shirts. Its time to fem up boys! Its kinda haute!
Definitely loving the way Moncler channelled the jockey look- get your man in these togs and you'll be purring giddy up!


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