Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Katy Perry is Kitsch Lolita Pin-up Gawjus

How amazing does Miss Perry, soon to be Brand, look in her promo for California Gurls? The pop up colours and candy-tastic coloured wigs are things that only she can get away with. A bit like Gaga with her exaggerated shoes and telephone hair. But from her squirty cream can boobs to the iced bun bra, Katy is the light hearted Gaga antidote. She's different and kitsch without the dark cum scary underworld tip that Gaga's got.

Apart from her sweet as styling in the vid (which pays homage to the board game Candyland- if you're an early 80s baby you'll remember it), the track is pretty catchy. With Snoop on the bridge, Katy's infectious chorus and a eurotrash-tastic dance beat its got the summer track of 2010 written all over it.

Ooh and check out her cover for Esquire below. FOX! She's the FBC's latest girl crush!!

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