Sunday, 9 January 2011

David and Victoria Expand Brand Beckham!

POW! Goldenballs hits it in the net again and good old (Posh)Spice is up the duff once more! They announced the news via Facebook (natch) and are now the purveyors of the biggest celeb news story for 2011 so far. How do they do it? Goal scoring, selling perfumes, endorsing all kindsa ish, giving good face, FIERCE design lines, partying with the Cruises and the Smiths- phew. I salute this couple for finding the time to rock the boat and make a fourth addition to their troupe of children. Especially as Victoria said last year the couple had no plans to expand the brand. Maybe they wanted to give that elusive baby girl one last shot?
So many questions...Can David get away with long bangs in the delivery room? Elton or Obama for Godfather? Can Posh push this time? Will they finally get a girl? Will they christen the new baby Manhattan? Or pay homage to LA and call the bambino Beverly or Rodeo (as in Drive not yee haa!) Maybe Spur- after all Becks is set to come back to the UK and play for Tottenham. Answers on a postcard...

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