Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ed Sheeran- One for the little guy

I remember about three years ago I was having dinner with a good friend of mine who is the biggest music fan and he kept going on about some bloke called Ed Sheeran. I got a good 30 minute ear battering about how talented Ed was and how he was the next big thing (whilst I was trying to eat a beautifully cooked piece of black cod- grrrr). Curious (and believing it was all just hype), I later took to Youtube and google to find out more about him. The first track I heard was You Need Me I Don't Need You. And that was all it took- I was hooked, his music was as addictive as crystal meth(stay away from drugs kids). Listening to one track led to another and another. This guy played the guitar, beat boxed, sang with a crazy amount of soul, wrote his own lyrics and it was impossible to place him in one genre- Ed had soul, indie, hip hop, funk, folk and even reggae influences. He was like some kinda music superhero! Plus he had red hair(I'm a sucker for a ginger fella) and was only a diddy 16 yr old who had moved from his home county of North Yorkshire to London on his lonesome to hone his craft (awww).

Now 19, Ed's paid his dues and made a name for himself. He'd put out a few EP's and albums already(the first in '05), gigged extensively (including a tour with Example), built up a stellar underground following and was ready to put out another EP and make some serious moolah. But labels were not happy to fund the project so he went off and did it himself. And boy has the gamble paid cos the EP called No 5 Collaborations which was released this Monday is already No2 in the iTunes chart-surpassed only by Rihanna (who has Jay Z, the whole world and a super tight 360 record deal behind her).
Ahhhh, I love a happy ending. The little guy refuted the big corporations advice and won- beautiful stuff.

Check out my fav Ed track above The City, its a stunning track! Then log on to and cop his hot album! It only costs 5 squids and No 5 Collaborations features 10 of the hottest UK mc's

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