Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Baby Mama Drama

*Cough, splutter, sneeze* I bring you this blog post live from my sick bed. Feel sorry for me, I've had the flu for ages. Anywho, whilst flu riddled I've been indulging in my latest habit- Teen Mom! This MTV US show follows the lives of 4 little ladies who popped out sprogs when they should have been planning proms and picking out what Colleges to go to. My favourite teen mom is Amber Portwood. She's a fiery loose cannon, who is bringing up her daughter Leah beautifully *cough* and has an on/ off, somewhat volatile relationship with her baby daddy Gary. But nothing prepared me for the shocker in the latest ep I watched. Amber sucker punched Gary, slapped him upside the head and then throttled him- Oh-er. She was promptly arrested and charged for assault and battery. Miss Portwood claimed that MTV incited her Rocky Balboa behaviour. I wouldn't be surprised if a caffeine amped producer whispered in her shell "Amber if Gary pisses you off let him have it!" "Are you sho'?" Amber would've replied in her Southern tones. Said producer would flash her contract with its 6 figure salary (yeep these teen moms get paid a heap), and Miss P would've had her pimp hand geared up quicker than you could say "I'm Rick James bitch." Sad times. Amber's out of the pen now. And I only hope these fat cat producers make sure that she gets some decent rehabilitation before she ends up losing little Leah to the social system because she's seen as to aggressive and a potential risk to her daughter.

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