Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mallie- Unsigned HYPE

Ahhh, I do love a new bit of talent in my boudoir. Enter MALLiE a fab artist I stumbled across on Myspace. She has an incredibly raw, passionate vocal style- liken her to an Adele if you please. This little women with a big voice ain't no poptart by numbers. She's a sassy 21yr old with South African roots, a deliciously leftfield fashion sense, "I don't care" blonde hair and an edge that makes Ke$ha look wholesome! MALLiE's style is soulful rock/reggae with a sweet twist of pop. Her vocals trip like magic over strong beats, ballads and twinkly piano solo's (she plays the ivories herself). The UK music scene is wide open at the moment so its any one's game, the Boudoir hearts MALLiE a lot and fingers crossed she'll become a major player in 2011!

Check out MALLiE's song The Game on her myspace page

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