Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kanye West ft. Jay-Z & La Roux - That's My Bitch - Single - NEW!

Check out this stylish collabo between Kanye West, Jay Z and our very own Brit Miss going in for the kill Elly Jackson (of La Roux fame). Hmmmm, lesbians, bitches, n****'s and dicks worth money are a few of the subject matters. Disrespectful or some clever word play- you decide! Personally I can't stop nodding my head to the beat produced by the genius Q Tip from A Tribe Called Quest

Friday, 19 November 2010

Fearne Cotton Talks About Her New Beauty Range

We've fallen in a deep kinda love with Fearne Cotton over the years. Whether she is rocking rock chick or channelling lady like chic- the presenter and radio DJ does style with aplomb. She inspires women to be daring, isn't afraid of wearing scary trends (knee high socks with brogues anyone) and always has gorgeous make up to boot. Any stylista worth her salt knows that you've gotta have make up that makes a subtle statement to top off your look and that's one thing foxy Fearne has down to a T! And now she's sharing a little knowledge with all of us willing supplicants...she's released a beauty range **screams!** The line is called Fearne (simple, genius) and consists of different nail polishes, lip sets and eyeshadows that come in a range of colour palette kits from nude hues to vampy reds for full on impact.

I got an exclusive interview with the lady herself and over cupcakes, tea and peonies we talked about her new make-up which will be available exclusively at Boots!

What inspired you to bring out your own make-up line?
I'm a proper make up junkie and have always dreamed of having my own range! I've had to learn over the years how to do my own make-up. Sometimes you end up doing it yourself on TV shows! I've picked up tips from some great make-up artists. I decided to use that knowledge and also to incorporate things that I know and love when it came to picking the colours and the texture of things- that bit was really fun! Packaging wise I'm really into art and fashion so I decided to extend those passions into the pakaging. I made loads of mood boards and went from there. Its all really vintage inspired, cos I love vintage clothes. There's the odd subliminal skull in there too...

The packaging is very you, its tough but girly!
Exactly, its definitely representing me. I have a lot of tattoo's- four leaf clovers, mermaids and hummingbirds- and they were all incorporated into the packaging design. AndI love shoes so there are a couple of those in there too! I wanted the packaging to have a tough edge but not so tough it would scare girls off!

What kind of girl do you see wearing your products?
It'll hopefully be a mixture. I spoke to a lot of my friends who are all different personalities and different skin tones, I wanted products that would suit different types of girl. So I went for versatile products. For example, the lips kit (All About The Lips) either comes in nude, pink, red or twilight and all of the kits have a gloss, lipstick and a liner- so you get to go for whichever palette best suits you and you won't get stuck with a ton of colours that don't work for you!

Did you do that with other products to?
Definitely- with the nail colours you have the night set which is gothy or the day set which is pastel and glittery.

You said you sounded off with your friends on the products, that was a great idea!
Yeah it really helped me think about what other women might want. That helped me come up with the concept of making everything handbag friendly! Some of the range comes in nice little compact packages which you can just pop into your handbag! I mean I don't know about you but there is always crap everywhere in my bag so its nice to now my make up will all be in one place and not junked up in there with everything else!

What would be your top tip for taking make up from day to night?
In the day, especially when I'm working, I'll have really light make up and maybe just a splash of colour around my eyes- like I have today with a glitter pen- my range has great glitter sticks! In the evening I love wacking on a red lipstick. So I would go for the All About The Lips red lipstick set. There's something about red lipstick that makes you feel good if you've had a bit of a crap day!

Absolutely, red definitely makes a girl feel glam! We're coming up to autumn- what are your key make-up colours for next season?
Definitely strong colours to warm you up. So reds, deep pinks and purples. A smokey eye is always good especially for the festive season! And my new line has got all of these products, plus summery colours, so its perfect for taking you from one season to the next!

What's the best piece of beauty advice you've ever been given?
Stay out of the sun kids! It does you absolutely no favours to lay out and get fried by ultraviolet rays. Definitely ages you!

Agreed! And I'm loving your look today (Fearne is rocking a white, floral frock and a skull motif scarf) Can you describe your style to us?
My style? I guess its vintage/ tomboy. I love rooting around in vintage shops to score one off finds and I am very into being boyish with my style, incorporating flats and men's style boots into my day wear.

Does your mood affect how you dress?
I'm really mood dependent when it comes to what I wear. Like today I've got this little girly dress on but tomorrow I might wear a fedora, skinny jeans and a pair of biker boots.

What advice would you give to someone trying to find their style mojo?
Don't force looks or copy other people. Find out what suits you! Its great to try things and look terrible sometimes because that's brave and you'll figure out what suits you and what doesn't!

Fearne's make-up range is on shelves in Boots NOW! Prices start from £10

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fashion Forward for 2011

The Key Trends- Get fashion forward with the juice on the key looks for spring/ summer 2011

It might be dark when you leave the house to go to work and dark when you get back home, but smile for you can use these dreary times to plan next years on fashionista's

70s Disco Sexy- Topshop Unique and Maria Grachvogel had long flowing dresses and skirts with splashes of bold colours in their S/S 11 collections(think blue and orange hues) . Also get your hands on a pair of bell bottom style trousers a la Matthew Williamson.

Country and Western/ Fringing - At this Septembers LFW the Ashish show had the audience stomping their feet because the designs were so hot. It was all about dressing like a modern cowgirl from the wild west! And there was a whole lotta fringing going on with tassels galore, fringing was also seen at Topshop Unique. Think Jessie from Toy Story!

Feminine Chic - Vivienne Westwood and Holly Fulton are bringing us girly glamour in the guise of the dress for next season, with floral prints and 60’s flair. Wanna be in bloom next spring? Then incorporate a little flower power into your style or rock a structured, block colour shift dress

Oh and get your leathers out because Burberry Prorsum (who always set the bar for outerwear) were giving us biker jackets, leather trousers , leather coats and big ol’ leather belts.

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude

Jessie J is officially the baddest chick repping girl power on the music scene. Hold onto your crotches boys...this lady is gonna kick you where it hurts!

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