Sunday, 9 May 2010

Winehouse Wedding is wrapped!

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder- Civils wedding rematch is off! Blake ended things after he saw pictures of her getting up close and personal with one of her neighbours. Apparently Fielder-Civil had suspected Amy was up to No Good and couldn't say No No No to the tasty piece of man meat next door. The couple were set to remarry following a divorce in 09. Their period of wedded bliss lasted two years and was blighted by drug abuse, endless hours in tattoo parlours, Camden Town pub crawls and those battered blood stained ballet pumps that Winehouse never took off. He may be mad right now but this modern day Sid and Nancy seem to find it impossible to stay away from each other so I doubt it's the last we'll hear of them declaring undying love.

NB: Image above is not actual Amy following her recent rounds of plastic surgery but a blow up stand in used at Coachella after she was denied a visa and couldn't attend the US festival- does anyone else think the doll looks a little more like Britney Spears in the face than the Winehouse?

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