Friday, 21 May 2010

Uh oh Li Lo!

Li Lo was a no show for a probation hearing in LA today. The poor little (t)It girl is stuck in Cannes due to a stolen passport and now a judge has issued a warrant for her arrest and set bail at a hefty $100,000. And instead of running to the US consulate begging for a new passport, rumours are circulating that she's chasing Amanda Seyfrieds man Dominic Cooper- steady on love did you not see Mandy in Jennifers Body? The girl has some scary psycho kick ass moves.
You've gotta ask what the hell is Miss Lohan doing in Cannes? Does she have a movie to promote....[tumbleweed moment]...Lindsay claims she'll be playing former porn queen Linda Lovelace (star of Deep Throat) in an upcoming biopic, the production company repeatedly state she won't be.
Seriously Linds, leave the boys (and girls)alone, go home, stop drinking and start praying for a career comeback and a lenient judge at your next hearing.

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