Saturday, 15 May 2010

Fragile Beauty- Noemi Lenoir's suicide attempt

It was incredibly shocking news that the gorgeous supermodel we see prancing around in her lingerie in the M&S adverts attempted to kill herself this week. Found unconscious in a forest pathway in her native Paris emaciated, covered in dirt and bruises the mother of one couldn't have appeared further from the smiling supermodel who graces billboards all over the world. How did a woman who appears to have everything to live for want to end it all? The model is said have been left devastated by the sexual scandals that plagued her life over the last few years. Not only was her marriage to international footballer Claude Makele dogged by rumours of his infidelity (he cheated on her with a page three model while she was pregnant), but her latest beau- millionaires son Carl Hirschmann (seen DJ'ing in the pic above) was attached to a string of allegations which cited that he not only forced several women to give him oral sex but also slept with a minor.

As a woman who can be very assured of her beauty and prowess having also modelled for designers like Gucci and Victoria's Secret in the U.S, being voted one of the sexiest women in the world by magazines- Lenoir still needed to feel stability in her love life. Its sad that these men have left her with such a gapping sense of fragility, clearly neither deserve her. Now as Noemi gets better the question is will she be strong enough to stay away from these toxic men?

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