Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Twinkle Toes

First Jennifer Love Hewitt exposed her bedazzled vajay-jay to the world (not literally- that would be illegal and disturbing)and now the trend has moved further down south- we can get our toes blessed with a little bling as well as our lady gardens. Nails Inc in South Molten St and Harvey Nicks are giving diamante pedi's with swarovski crystals...The whole shebang costs around £100 and lasts up to four weeks.
Its a bit different but not half as weird as some of the pedi's out there. Remember the Japanese fish pedi made famous by Samantha a la Sex and the City? Little aquatic nibblers dine on your feet to keep them silky smooth. Hmmm, I reckon bling is the cuter solution to tantalizing toes!
And as the weather man keeps promising that the sun will be in full affect by Friday the FBC is getting it done...

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