Saturday, 21 August 2010

Jaeger Campaign!

Every now and then an advertising campaign is so good that it becomes iconic...think Wonder Bra "Hello Boys", any of those "Got Milk" posters and Kate Moss's Calvin Klein Jeans ad. And Now Jaeger has done it with their Autumn/ Winter 2010 look.

Jaeger is the British fashion house that has been dressing the world for 126 years in a gorgeous style that bridges the gap between high street and high end designer. Under the savvy eye of Stuart Stockland as head designer, they have gone from strength to strength in the last few years, revelling in the revival of esteemed British fashion houses which has also caused a renewed appreciation for Brit brands such as Jaeger, Burberry and Pringle. To further celebrate their Cool Britannia position they have shot an iconic ad campaign which uses the beautiful back drop of London and landmarks such as The Eye. The inspiration for the shoot was a Richard Avedon painting which depicted a woman flying over the Eiffel Tower in a helicopter. Genius. Artistic inspiration + the shoot magic created by the photographer Emma Summerton (who photographs for Italian, British and Japanese Vogue and I-D)+ amazing models in the shape of Abbey Lee, Imogen Morris Clarke and Ollie Edwards= one dynamite ad campaign for Jaeger this A/ W. Check out the gorgeous shots below!

Shoegasm of the Month!

"I'm a lady but I'm naughty" whisper these gunmetal grey goddesses by Brian Atwood. The ladylike pump says chic, conservative woman but the corset style ultra high heel alludes that secretly you're a bit of a freak...

Slip your feet into these babies for £720 available at, Selfridges and Liberty's

Friday, 20 August 2010

CASPA & MR HUDSON - Love Never Dies (Back For The First Time) OFFICIAL V...

Check out this dub beauty produced by Caspa. The beat definitely puts you in a romantic summer state and the ever emotive vocalist Mr Hudson knows how to ride a rhythm- so the minute the beat drops and he starts to sing the song gets you...right... here **tear drops, gesticulates towards heart**

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Check out the acoustics on these lot!

Loving all the young, fresh UK music talent at the moment. Check out these snippets of raw musical genius as put together for SBTV.....eargasmic!

Chasing Pluto- A super epic duo. They sing, write, produce. This isn't a standard pop by numbers band ... love 'em!

Frixion- beautiful r&b harmonies from this unsigned trio- girls hold on to you're hankies and your panties...these fella's are just to smooth

Labrinth- genius young producer behind Tinie Tempah's hits Frisky and Pass Out...not only can he create a banging beat in the studio he sings too! This tune has a folksy storyteller vibe- unexpected from someone who create's club hits but very, very welcome

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hakaan- A/W 2010 dream!

If a designer gets Carine Roitfeld(the fashion doyenne/ editor of French Vogue) jetting around the globe to sit front row at their show its a given that they are gonna go global. She is one of the most iconic and influential people in fashion- when she champions a designer, fashionista's sit up and pay attention. This is exactly what happened to Hakaan. Despite my lust for Summer I have to admit, I've been waiting with breath that was bated for the Autumn/ Winter collections to hit the stores, and that's mainly to do with Hakaan and his stratospherically stunning A/W 2010 offering.
And finally the wait is over and us mere mortals can get our hands on some Hakaan! Its time to stock up on oodles of this talented designers goodies, because he has just been unleashed in a luxury retailer near you *scream*!

If you do not know about this genius designer, its time for a little education.

Originally from Turkey the talented Mr Hakaan Yildrim was this years Andam fashion prize winner and had his first on schedule show last February. His A/W 2010 collection boasts an aesthetic of sexy silhouettes, bandaged fabrics galore and an orgasmic use of peplum's, assorted texture's and muted palettes.

Celebrities have been clamouring to rock his visions and one of the first was Rose Byrne, and Mrs David Walliams- model Lara Stone, has walked the runway for Hakaan.

All I can say is hold on to your fedora's for his S/S 2011 collection this coming September...Hakaan will no doubt hurt the runway with even more of his spellbinding designs

Visit Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge London to get your mitts on Hakaans bits...Prices start from £660

The Big Chill!

Caught a little thrill at The Big chill over this weekend..first (and last time) in a tent (cold, wet, spider riddled…) It was freezing, but good music and good company are the only things you need at a festival to keep warm!

Highlights had to be Thom Yorke who played possible upcoming tracks from Radiohead's new album and a preggers Lily Allen announced this performance would be her last ever gig (sob)…Alright, choke back those tears- somehow I don’t think this is the last time that the voice of young London will be showing off her vocal range. She’s one of those artists who wants to shun the spotlight but cannot help trying to get it back on her if she thinks she’s been forgotten.

Kelis showcased her new euphoric musical leaning's at the Hertfordshire festival, wowing the crowd with her show stopping outfits but the most memorable performance had to be M.I.A. The Bucky Done Gone singer had to be ushered off the stage when fans rushed her performance.

Oooh and FBC artiste du jour Tinie Tempah did his thing as ever…the FBC heart him long time [Insert Frisky/ Pass Out jokes here]

Eat Jerk Chicken Like a RockSTAR

So, ambling around Shepherd's Bush (post a Westfield splurge) I was feeling a little peckish and stumbled upon this lovely little West Indian Food Restaurant. But this wasn't just any place to get your fix of saltfish and jerk chicken. Its a celeb haven! Any music star worth their salt who visits the UK (or lives in it)and has a craving for Caribbean heads to Ochi's. We spoke to the owner who proudly reeled off his celeb patrons "everyone come's here, Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, Alesha Dixon, Sisqo! They love the food. I guess they just tell each other about the place!"

The Camera Shy Shop Owner

One of the wall's in the restaurant is covered in picture's from satisfied celebs who had a finger licking time in the restaurant including Beverly Knight, r&b singer Jaheim, reggae star Sizzla, The Sugababes and of course Rihanna. But what did the good girl gone bad chow down on? "I can't reveal that!" chuckled the owner "she's been coming here since she was a pickney(child)and nobody looked at her twice. But since she did that Umbrella song she comes here and all you get are papparrazzi and young boys geting excited trying to take her picture- she alway's keeps her hoodie on..." Hoodie up, sipping on red stripe and tearing off chunks of chicken- Ri-Ri is a girl after our hearts!

The Celeb Splattered Wall

We had saltfish, jerk chicken and some hard food. Follow tasted.... KAPOW!

Wanna eat jerk chicken like a rockstar? Visit Ochi's @ 226 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush London W12 7LJ

The FBC does TMC

We put on our judges hat to help choose the finalists for the UK Top Model of Colour Modelling competition. The competition seeks to find models of ethnic heritage- mixed, black, hispanic- basically every race you do not normally get flooding the runways.

The contestants meant business- they were all leggy, had cheekbones you could cut glass with plus elegance, poise and intellect. Think America's Next Top Model- without the drawn out histrionics.

We fully back this comp. Its refreshing for a competition to seek to change the face of fashion for the better. Models of colour are still vastly under-represented on the runways and in ad campaigns.

The last semi final heat for TMC will be held on the 21 August. The finals are in November 2010- excitement!!

for more information visit

Daisy Lowe Discovers And Reveals...

Check out the gawjus Daisy Lowe in the video below (oh we're rhyming now) getting to grips with some Shoreditch and Spitalfields architecture whilst giving us a lesson on originality in style, her passions, her fashion and her inspirations.

Palladium Authenticity - Daisy Lowe from Palladium on Vimeo.

If you are into fashion and you do not follow Miss Lowe's fashion frolics then hang your head in shame and start paying attenion, she does grunge'd out vixen @ its best. Regard la mode de Daisy....

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Yetunde Johnson: A brand spanking new favourite thing!

The beautiful new soul diva to watch is 24 yr old Yetunde Johnson. I’ve listened to her debut album and I’m blown away. It’s soulful, edgy and fresh. Every track is soaked in swagger; Ms Johnson is an artist who pushes music to an exciting new plane. With the provocative titles of her debut single I’m What You Want and album Favourite Things, she’s clearly a girl who knows who she is .I talked to Yetunde to find out what it’s like for her as a new artist. She’s very passionate and animated when she talks about her work. And she laughs, a lot! A very husky, naughty laugh. She’s one of those people you see and you just want to know who she is. When we meet up to chat about her sound she makes a little confession “I was having a bit of a boogie to my album this morning…

I love that!
To be honest I love doing that having a little dance everyday, being thankful for my life.

Well life is good, your album is amazing. Your single I’m What You Want is out now. How are you feeling? Everything’s about to go global!
[Laughs]Yeah its all massively exciting. I feel kinda calm, and then the total opposite. Apprehensive! Its been coming for about two years so to finally be here is exciting. I’m nervous, but happy that all of my hard work has come full circle.

And was it easy- the journey to this point? Getting signed, recording the album…
It’s funny because I never expected my life to be like this. I was meant to go to uni, get a degree a good job. Singing has always been my passion, I sang in church all the time in the choir but my family is academic and I thought I would go down that road....

What changed things?

My mum passed away and that made me realise how short life is and how important it is to be happy and reach for your passions in life.
I did enrol at university but while I was there I started doing a lot of studio work and performing more and more. I went to auditions. But when I hit 21, 22 I got a bit fed up because I would get offered deals and things but they would turn out to have all this conditions tied to them or they would be a bit dodgy. I was about to give up when I got a call just before my 23rd birthday. Real Music and Management had heard a demo of mine. We met up, they liked my sound, my look and they wanted to sign me- everything just took off from there!

Was it important to have representatives who got what you were about?
Definitely, we had a great rapport and we all just clicked. I wasn’t so hungry for a deal and money that I would sign with just anyone, it was important that I fit with the management and the label. I still wanted to have creative control over my music.

I understand you recorded here and in the States?
Yeah. There was a lot happening in the UK with new artists at the time. So we thought taking the sound to another time zone and working on it there might add a fresh perspective! I wanted to keep it different! I worked with some really amazing people including Anita Mcloud in Philadelphia. She’s worked with Usher, she’s amazing. And I listened to a lot of music while I was recording, I have a lot of influences and I wanted that to be reflected in my work. Then I came back to England worked on some more tracks, I also recorded with my brothers who produce music. And we put it all together and that became the album, Favourite Things!

How did you come up with the title? It’s a bit of a homage The Sound of Music!
[Laughs] You know what I love that movie! And there’s a track on the album called Favourite Things. It sounds like a man hating track but its not. It talks about me being a genuine woman, being a catch and not being attracted to a man because of gloss and bling!

A lot of the songs [on the album] show female power and strength. And it’s got a really strong jazz/ soul influence production wise- how would you describe your sound?
I guess it’s rooted in gospel because that’s my background,. But I love soul, jazz, classical and rock. So I’d like to think my sound is all about my emotion. That goes for my lyrical content to because I have written or co written every track on the album!

And who do you aspire to be like on the music scene?
I love Mary J Blige- she’s so powerful but vulnerable and real. She’s a talent. And N.E.R.D because they are just crazy and different! I love things that are unexpected

Yetunde Johnsons single I’m What You Want is out now, her album will be available later on this year.

For more on Yetunde visit

Friday, 6 August 2010

Dial S for Shindig....

So last week Bella hit a few shindigs...think someone gave my S button a nice big, fat push...

KG and Marston
First off I went to the newly refurbished Gem Bar on Beak Street for the launch of a brand spanking new comedy night hosted by KG & Marston the awesome comedy duo behind the underground comedy skit Shadrack and the mandem...

The guys are as funny in the flesh as they are on youtube (and kinda shexshay too...they took their tops of and all of the women stopped laughing and started swooning).

The event is poised to happen monthly....excitement!

Check out this clip of their'll laugh so hard you'll either choke or cry

Moo Party

Next stop was Shoreditch, where I slipped into 93 Feet East and sipped on some summery cocktails for the Moo 4th birtday party. Moo makes all kindsa cute promo bits involving pics from business and birthday cards to collage prints...oooh brilliant for getting picture perfect...on the night the Moo crew filmed party goers to ask them about their fav Moo products and the night was topped of with a bit of karaoke- my friends and I sang/ murdered Shabba Ranks Mr Loverman it wasn't pretty (although I think the fella's in the building enjoyed the girl on girl grinding sesh the FBC had during the song). Have a little Moo-ch through the party pics below!

Trading Places
Friday rolled on and we headed to the Trading Places party at Shoreditch House. This is a regular, exclusive little chi chi do put on by none other than Radio 1 DJ and presenter Reggie Yates (or Reg-e-licious as we've christened him because he looked good enough to eat on the night.)

The Trading Places crowd consisted of achingly hip Shoreditch types, dressed either in clothing only they understand or fierce, fresh streetwear- with many of the ladies rocking the stereotypical Shoreditch topknot (you know the one- hair up with a bun smack on top of your head) and some the fella's looking fittingly androgynous in skinny jeans and Louis V scarves..Reg-e-licious handled the decks alongside other rather talented vinyl spinners...the music was like listening to a bunch of your favourite ipod playlists on random! There's one word to sum up this party. HOT. The music- hot, the people- hot, the club- hot (no a/c in this venue!) Check out the party pics below.


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